What is a payday loan ?

At Can’t Wait we offer New Zealanders a payday loan service that provides a quick and easy way to obtain a fast cash advance. Our Payday Loan approval takes only minutes, so it’s perfect if you need an emergency funds to help out until payday.

A payday loan (also called a “cash advance”) is an advance on your wages paycheck, ranging from $100 to $1,000. Payday loans provide a quick application and approval process, and an easy repayment schedule that is aligned with your payday. If you’re short on cash between paydays, a payday loan is a great way of solving the problem.

Quick Tips for payday loan borrowing..

Ensure a payday loan is right for you!

Payday loans can be an expensive option and should only be used for emergency short term cash relief needs.

Be honest with your payday loan lender!

We are a NZ family operated business lending our personal money to you the borrower. We want you to be able to repay this loan quickly and easily. We will work with you to ensure your repayments are manageable. If we feel you have been dishonest with your intentions to repay this debt we can impose severe collection action towards your account which can increase your debt and will affect your ability to borrow again in the future.

Let us know if you are struggling!

We know from personal experience how hard it can be to get by in NZ. If something happens and you find your repayments are to difficult to meet then please GET IN TOUCH! We have a variety of options that we can use to help you recover from unmanageable debt.

Be Aware of the fine print!

Other lenders can hide the true cost of their loans behind crazy fees that may be charged in the event of a default, a reschedule or a refinance. Cantwait.com charges none of these fees. The only fees we charge are a $10 transfer fee per loan and maybe a $25 default fee if we have to – Default fees are only charged if the customer deliberately avoids their repayment obligations.

Do not get in over your head!

We do everything in our power to ensure our customers do not get themselves into unmanageable debt but ultimately it is you the borrower who has a responsibility to ensure you remain able to meet your financial obligations. We take responsible lending very seriously. We will not lend to anyone who we know has loans with other payday lenders – This makes it impossible for us to gauge your affordability in meeting your payday loan repayments and therefore makes it irresponsible of us to allow further lending.

Compare, Compare, Compare !

Most payday lenders have “payday loan calculators” Try inputting the same scenario into multiple calculators to see who can provide the best deal. Also be aware of the fees each company charges, this affects the true cost of the loan massively and can sometimes increase the yearly interest rate by 100 – 200%.

Remember, Borrowing money is a privilege not a right !