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Interest charges are calculated by multiplying the unpaid principal at the end of the day by a daily interest rate. The daily interest rate is calculated by dividing the annual interest rate by 365.

Interest Charges:

  • Our annual interest rate is 39.99%pa.

  • Interest is charged daily at 0.11% on the unpaid initial loan balance amount.

  • Interest is not compounding.

  • This interest rate will remain the same for the term (life) of this loan.

  • Each loan repayment you make will repay part of the principal loan amount plus interest and any fees incurred.

  • The unpaid principal amount will get lower as you make repayments, providing you stick to the repayment schedule until your loan is repaid in full.

  • Interest charges are applied to your loan with CWL on the scheduled repayment days.



  • $95.00 (Loans up to $499.00)

  • $150.00(Loans over $500.00)

  • Applied to all loans.

  • This fee is added to the borrow amount to create the initial unpaid balance. As this fee is not paid upfront, it also incurs interest at the standard rate.

  • This fee covers the cost of loan setup, including but not limited to: admin activities, affordability assessment, identity verification, loan transfer, associated bank fees, credit check and bank statement verification fees.


  • $5.00 per direct debit.

  • This fee covers the costs incurred with the action of direct debiting your account and managing your repayment.

  • Interest is not charged on this fee.


  • $10.00

  • Charged immediately when a repayment schedule needs to be adjusted due to a repayment default or at your request.

  • This fee covers the cost of CWL staff recalculating and implementing the new repayment schedule.

  • The cost of this fee will be spread over your remaining loan term so there will be an adjustment to your remaining payments.

  • Interest is not charged on this fee.


  • $10.00

  • Charged when a loan repayment is unsuccessful/unpaid for any reason and contact/payment is not received within two business days from the date of default.

  • This fee covers the cost of CWL staff admin, SMS, telephone and email costs, associated bank transaction fees.

  • The cost of this fee will be applied to the balance owing and spread over the remainder of your loan term which will change the ongoing repayment schedule.

  • If your loan is passed to a collection agency, then additional fees will be payable. These will be set by the collection agency in accordance with reasonable collection practices.

  • Interest is not charged on this fee.


  • We may, at our sole discretion, refer the debt to our collection agency. In this event, you will be liable for any reasonable collection’s costs incurred.

  • CWL may send your account to its collection agency to collect any amount that is outstanding.

  • The collection agency will apply their own collection costs to your total debt and will attempt to contact you on our behalf to arrange a repayment arrangement.

  • CWL or our collection agency may load your default with credit reporting agencies, which may affect your future borrowing ability and/or your credit rating.


Free & confidential budgeting & financial capability advice is available by contacting MoneyTalks.co.nz

Contact Details:


Address: Level 7/330 Lambton Quay / Wellington 6011

Phone: 0800 345123


Free independent dispute & complaint resolution is available by contacting Financial Services Complaints Ltd (FSCL) Cantwait.com Limited is member 352 of FSCL

Contact Details:

Emailinfo@fscl.org.nz / complaints@fscl.org.nz

Address: Level 4/101 Lambton Quay / Wellington 6011

Phone: 0800 347257 or (04) 4723728