Please read before applying for a fast cash loan


Interest charges are calculated by multiplying the unpaid principal at the end of the day by a daily interest rate. The daily interest rate is calculated by dividing the annual interest rate by 365.


  • The annual interest rate is 521.22%.
  • Interest is charged daily at 1.428% on the unpaid principal amount.
  • Interest is not compounding.
  • Interest is not charged on fees.
  • This interest rate will remain the same for the term (life) of this loan.
  • Each loan repayment you make will repay part of the principal loan amount plus interest and any fees incurred.
  • The original loan amount will get lower as you make repayments, providing you stick to the repayment schedule until your loan is repaid in full.
  • Interest charges are applied to your loan with CWL on the scheduled repayment days.


Setup Fee

Applied to all loans. Charged on the first repayment of your loan agreement schedule, or if the first repayment defaults, this fee will be spread over the remaining term of your loan. This fee covers the cost of account setup/admin, loan transfer, associated bank fees, credit checks and bank statement verification.


Schedule Change Fee

Charged immediately when a repayment schedule needs to be adjusted due to a repayment default or at your request. The cost of this fee will be spread over your remaining loan term.


Default Fee

Charged when a loan repayment is unsuccessful/unpaid for any reason and contact/payment is not received within two business days from the date of default. The cost of this fee will be spread over the remainder of your loan term.


Collection Agency Fees:

If your account remains in default for longer than 40 days, we may, at our sole discretion, refer the debt to our collection agency. In this event, you will be liable for any reasonable collection’s costs incurred.
CWL may send your account to its collection agency to collect any amount that is outstanding. The collection agency will apply their own collection costs to your total debt and will attempt to contact you on our behalf to arrange a repayment arrangement.
The collection agency may load your default with credit reporting agencies, which may affect your future borrowing ability and/or your credit rating.