Please read before applying for a fast cash loan

Opening Hours :

Monday – Friday 9am to 5pm. – Weekend and stat day trading will resume soon.

APR  – Annual Percentage Rate

Can’t Wait does not charge establishment, administration or direct debit fees which understate the true financing cost of a fast cash loan. The Annual interest rate is used by consumers to compare lenders and payday loan options over a 365 day period. Our fast cash loan terms are from 1 day to a maximum of 70 days only.

Our APR is 521.43% p.a. or 1.43% per day.

This equates to a total cost of $10 in interest on a $100 payday loan over 7 days or only $1.43 per day.


Transfer Fee: $10.00

Refinance Fee: $50.00

Schedule Change Fee: $10.00

Fees will be applied at the discretion of staff.

Collection Fees – Fees apply when account is in default and contact is not maintained.

Missed payment: $25.00

Default interest rate: 100.00% p.a. above the APR calculated and debited daily. This is charged on the amount in arrears from the time you fail to make payment due until the arrears are paid.

Legal fees: Any & all responsible legal fees associated with debt recovery

Payday Loan Repayments

Once your fast cash loan has been approved we will email you a Disclosure Statement telling you the repayment dates plus the cost of each repayment.

2 days before your repayments are due we’ll email you a friendly repayment reminder.

On your pay day we direct debit your bank account for the set amount.

Once your fast cash loan is repaid in full we will acknowledge this with a “thank you” email and you will be issued with a unique 4 digit pin number and instructions on how to txt 4 payday loan renewals with no paperwork required.