Financial relief when you need it most

PayProtect provides you with unique protection – an interest free grace period on your loan repayments if you are made redundant.

Rest easy, PayProtectâ„¢ is a free to all Can’t Wait clients, providing breathing space when the unexpected happens.

You are automatically covered every time you take out a Can’t Wait wage advance.

What does this mean?

It’s simple! If you are made redundant and find yourself genuinely unemployed then we will stop charging interest on your wage advance until you find new employment. If you are fired or resign then no benefit is paid.

To qualify you will need to fax through a letter of Redundancy, have paid all your repayments on time and agree to reduce the balance outstanding at a minimum rate of $20 per week until you find new employment. Remember no additional interest is charged while you remain unemployed so long as you keep to the agreement.

The fine print…

PayProtectâ„¢ is provided by Can’t Wait Limited; it’s a service to assist you when things get tough through loss of income. It’s not insurance, no premium is charged and no payments are made directly to you. The maximum benefit is 90 days. At which time a budget advisor will assess your situation and consider how best to move forward.

Can’t Wait loan costs are 10% – 40% lower than that of most other N.Z. online payday advance companies.