The last thing anyone wants is spiralling debt!

It doesn’t help our clients and it certainly doesn’t help us, so we encourage our clients to save on interest by repaying their payday loan as early as they possibly can & by not over committing themselves to payday loan repayments. We understand that unexpected bills pop up from time to time and that can put anyone’s budget off track so our goal is to provide money for these emergencies as fast as possible while encouraging healthy spending habits.


We strongly urge our clients to keep in contact with if there are any payday loan repayment issues as we will always endeavour to work out a mutually suitable repayment solution plan and referral to a Collection Agency will not only affect future ability to borrow money in the future but could substantially increase the total debt owed.

Payday loan Reasonable Enquires take its responsible lending obligations seriously. take its responsible lending obligations seriously. This is why we need to undertake reasonable enquiries before we can lend to any client.

We collect information that you have provided for us when you complete & submit the application page of our website & send us your supporting documents. This information may include your full name, date of birth, address, telephone numbers, email address, bank account number, bank statements, drivers licence, passport.

We also collect other personal information about you from a credit reference agency such as Veda Advantage.

From the information provided to us on the application page, copies of bank statements & information from Veda Advantage we’re able to assess a client’s financial needs plus his/her current & on-going credit worthiness & also to assess the lending risks to We only lend to clients that we believe have the ability to repay us without causing themselves or their families financial hardship.

How much will we lend?

The amount of money a client can borrow with is based on his/her income.

We offer new clients cash loans from $100 – $500 with repayment terms of up to 10 weeks.

Our repeat clients can borrow up to $1500 with repayment terms of up to 70- days.

However for both new and repeat clients we have special procedures that we follow to try to ensure a client doesn’t borrow more than he/she can afford to repay.

Lending Policies Ltd does not lend to beneficiaries, if that is the only source of income,  as we believe that on a limited income the loan repayments add an additional cost to a normally already stretched budget..

We require that any potential client is a New Zealand citizen or permanent resident, aged 18 or over & is in paid employment within New Zealand earning $350 or more per week before  we will accept an online application.

Cantwait does not lend to current bankrupts, or people under SIO or NAP schemes. Fees’s fees reflect the costs we actually incur and if any fee, such as a same day transfer fee, applies to a payday loan it will be shown on the scheduled loan repayments of the Payday Loan Contract. Provided all repayments are made on time and according to the repayment schedule the repayments will not alter, there will be no additional fees to pay & the annual interest rate will remain the same.

Unforeseen Hardship

If any of our clients suffer from unforeseen hardship we will work closely with them to establish a mutually acceptable repayment plan for their loan.

Unforeseen hardship is classed as : illness / injury / redundancy / relationship breakups (including death of your partner) or anything which would reasonably cause you to be unable to pay your repayments.

If unforeseen events affect your financial circumstances you must notify immediately

For more information about reasonable “unforeseen hardships “ contact your local Community Law Centre

If you lodge a hardship claim CWL will process this claim within 2 working days.

If the hardship claim is declined CWL will provide written reasons via email telling you why the claim has been declined.

You can’t claim “unforeseen hardship “if:

  • You have not made a loan repayment to CWL for two months or you have missed 4 consecutive repayments.
  • You knew, or had “reasonably foreseen” any of these events when you signed the payday loan contract knowing it would be unlikely that you would meet your obligations to the repayment of your debt to
  • If none of the above apply, & your hardship claim is reasonable & you are prepared to repay the full amount as specified on the loan contract, Cantwait will agree to vary the terms of your contract.
  • will ask for proof of any unforeseen hardship claim. This may be a redundancy letter / death certificate or medical certificate. This needs to be supplied to us within 48 hours of the request for this information.
  • Upon receipt of any supporting documents required to process a hardship claim will either extend the term of the contract so that the amount of each repayment is less or ( at our discretion)  put you onto a minimum repayment plan of $20 weekly & freeze interest charges up to a maximum of 90 days.
  • If you default on the repayment plan will pursue collection action by activating a wage deduction authority or through a debt collection agency.